Archive Comparison Test - by Jeff Gilchrist
(DOS/Windows & Macintosh Edition)


Here are the publications that ACT has been mentioned in:

  1. Mark Nelson, Jean-Loup Gailly, The Data Compression Book, 2nd Ed., M&T Books, 1996, p.25
  2. DOSWORLD Magazine, Number 33, May 1997, pp.54-56
  3. DOSWORLD Magazine, Number 34, July 1997, p.25
  4. UNB Perspectives, Summer 1997, p.4
  5. The Daily Gleaner Newspaper, Thur. June 26, 1997, p.39
  6. Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey (ACGNJ) Newsletter, October 1997
  7. Computerra Magazine, Issue 310, August 1999

If you know of any publications that mention A.C.T. and are not listed above please let me know so I can add the information to this page. You can send the e-mail to me at:


Jeff Gilchrist (Summer 1997)

Jeff Gilchrist (Fall 2001)


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